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  • Protect Against Lyme Disease this Spring and Summer!

    June 11, 2014 1 min read


    Lyme disease is a serious concern for both dogs and people. I was hoping that the rough winter in the North East would have reduced the number of ticks but I have already found many on my dog this spring not to mention one on myself. Almost everyone I speak with about Lyme disease knows someone who has suffered from this illness. My mother contracted it last year and spent most of the summer recovering from this sickness. A great resource for learning about this disease is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website. Lion Country Supply sells multiple tick prevention medicines for your dog and we have several topical medicines to prevent and kill ticks. We also sell Lymealizer and Lymenator. These products allow you to test ticks to see if they carry Lyme disease. Lion Country sells several devices such as the "ick nipper? to help you remove attached ticks. Lion Country Supply also sells the Lyme VAX, a vaccine that will aid in the prevention of Lyme disease. If you and your best friend spend a lot of time outdoors then get educated on Lyme disease and keep your pet and yourself safe this summer.

    -Dale Titus

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