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  • Nite Ize Dog Collar Review!

    June 04, 2014 2 min read



    So the other day I took home the Nite Ize Dog Collar to see what it does in the specific area I live in. I am situated in a great spot for this product. My house sits along a busy highway and is surrounded by flat farming land on three sides. Here is what I found: The collar is orange and gives off a red LED light. In the back field I found it to "tick out? real well and be seen from quite far away. Ranger loves to stretch out his legs there and I had no trouble keeping tabs on him. The flash option on it was a nice feature because it really catches your attention when you see it. Now, as far as the highway is concerned the reflective strip that runs around the entire middle of the collar really caught the lights from the traffic. The reflective strip coupled with the red LED really makes it pop in the night, a real eye-catcher. The collar itself is durable nylon and I tried to scratch the reflective strip off with my fingernail and I could not do it. I also tried to pull the plastic quick connect piece apart and I could not do that either. The D-ring is very durable and I also tried to rip it off as well and didn't succeed with it either. The on/off button is easy to press and the battery housing is not easy to slide out so you won't have to worry about your dog getting ahold of it and it looks like a small screw keeps it closed. The Nite Ize Dog Collar is an easy, smart way to keep your dog safe at night and I highly recommend it!


    -Jim/Ranger, your LCS Shipping Team

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