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  • Spotlit Dog Locator Light - Staff Review

    May 23, 2013 1 min read

    DLLHave a black dog (or any dog) that needs to be let out at night? Tired of losing the dog or just being unsure where it is? Try one of lion country supply's lights.

    Both the tracker and the sport dog safety light fit - and 1" collars, have 250hrs. Battery life, are water proof and submersible, have spare batteries included, and operate in either solid or blinking mode. The sport dog lights come with a carabineer and offer color choice of green, yellow, white, blue or red. The tracker comes in white, red, yellow, and green.

    Our dogs don't wear collars except when in the field so we opted for the much cheaper Spotlit dog locator light. The pendant comes in red and white and has a clip to attach it to a choke collar which easily slips on and off the dog's head.

    Don't waste your and you dog's time calling for them because you don't know where they are. The light lets you know and the dogs can go about their business and you enjoy some peace of mind.

    "John Sarver, LCS Warehouse

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