Spotlit Dog Locator Light

  • The LCS Dog Locator Light is great for finding your dog at night, whether it’s in your yard or in the field. This sturdy LED light clips easily to the O-ring or D-ring on your dogs collar, and is visible for nearly a half-mile. It easily turns on or off by simply pressing the side, and can be set to either flashing or constant mode. Weighs only .6 oz. Choose from red, white, orange and disco.

    "I recently gave some friends a gift of the Spot-Lit dog locator light. I gave them two so they could use them on different leashes. We went and visited them this weekend and they absolutely love the little light. They live in an suburban area with no sidewalks, but they do walk their dog along the street. The little light alerts oncoming traffic that there is a little guy walking along the road. Instead of using the other one I gave them for a leash, they now attach it to their coat zipper when they go out with him. She even uses it when she is not with the dog and is running at night."
    -Dave B., LCS Gunroom
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