Tick Release - Staff Review

May 17, 2013 1 min read

TRSThis is one product where less is better. One or two drops of Tick Releaseand a live tick will either remove itself from the flesh completely or can be extracted with ease. I've made the mistake of dousing a tick and it either seems to inhibit the tick, or kills it, then a careful manual removal is necessary. With the prevalence of ticks and Lyme's Disease, Tick Release should be a proactive part of everyone's first aid kit - whether an outdoorsman, or not.At home we are experimenting with soaking small patches of cotton cloth (like a gun cleaning patch) and attaching that to a hat. So far, Tick Release used
in that manner seems to repel pesky gnats and we'll see what happens during
the mosquito season. The natural product does have a very strong citrus smell from the citrus oil, and we recommend that it is sealed in a zip-lock style of bag. Trying to pick a size? The 1 oz. is most economical, and again, less is better of this proven product.


-Amy Bravis, LCS Customer Service