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    September 12, 2023 3 min read

     SportDOG FieldSentinel E-Collars

    SportDOG has just announced the release of two new e-collar systems. These two systems will be the first e-collars to introduce dog biometrics into an e-collar platform. Using SportDOG’s BodyGuard technology, the receiver will take readings on key biometrics of your dog and alert the handler if those metrics get out of a safety zone. Coined the “Check Engine Light For Your Dog,” the handheld transmitter has a red warning light that will go off, notifying the handler when the collar senses the dog’s vitals are in a dangerous level. SportDOG will be releasing the FieldSentinel as an FS-825 and FS-1825 system. More details on those two systems and the new technology below.


    SportDOG BodyGuard Health Alert

    The first of its kind on a dog device, the new BodyGuard Health Alert system is built into the dog’s collar receiver and collects data on your dog’s heart rate. The collar calibrates to your dog’s resting heart rate before the hunt or training session and then monitors it throughout the time the dog is hunting or working. It will take approximately 5 minutes for the collar to calibrate to your dog’s resting heart rate. During this time, it is important to keep your dog still and as calm as possible to get the most accurate baseline heart rate. The sensitivity of the alert can be lowered or increased using three preset levels (see user manual for instructions on setting the sensitivity level). Once your dog is in the field, the e-collar receiver will collect heart rate data and alert the handheld if the dog’s heart rate gets into a dangerous level.

    NOTE: We have not had the chance to personally test these new systems out yet. At the time of writing this blog, our test units are still in transit to us and should get to us any day now. Once we get these on our dogs and get test time in the field, we will update the blog with firsthand experience with the devices.


    FS-825 FieldSentinel 825 and FS-1825 FieldSentinel 1825

    The FieldSentinel 825 is the 1/2 mile version of the new e-collar system and the FieldSentinel 1825 is the 1 mile version of the new e-collar system. Both are built off the SD-825 and SD-1825 platform, so if you are familiar with those systems, this works very similar as far as a training collar, but has the added feature of the BodyGuard monitoring alerts. Both systems are expandable to a 2-dog system with the purchase of the FS-AD FieldSentinel Add-A-Collar. Both systems are waterproof to three feet and have a 24-hour battery life using rechargeable Li-Ion batteries. The training features include 7 levels of static stimulation in low, medium, and high ranges, as well as vibration and tone options.

     SportDOG FS-825 and FS-1825 Transmitters

    FS-AD FieldSentinel Add-A-Collar

    The FS-AD FieldSentinel Add-A-Collar is the replacement and system expansion collar for both the FieldSentinel 825 and FieldSentinel 1825 systems. The FieldSentinel collar is where all the new technology is built into. The FS-AD is the first-ever e-collar receiver to have biometric systems in the collar to collect data on your dog’s heart rate.

     SportDOG FieldSentinel Collar

    Our Final Thoughts

    We are excited to see biometric collection entering into the e-collar systems. We knew it was only a matter of time until this technology was incorporated, given the soaring popularity of the technology in smart watches and health devices. We can only imagine this technology getting expanded into more e-collar systems and it’s very likely the tracking systems will see it implemented in the near future. As we have not had a chance to test these new systems at the time of writing this blog, we cannot comment on how the biometric reader deals with the dog’s fur and if longer-haired dogs are going to cause any issues with the readings. We can’t wait to get these in the hands of our customers and start hearing your feedback and experiences. As e-collars take another step into the future, we gain a powerful tool into making sure our dogs are healthy and not being pushed too hard!


    Thank you for reading. If you want additional information on the systems above, make sure you check out our blogs and webpages for those products. You can also send us your questions on our live chat, email us at service@lcsupply.com, or give us a call at 1-800-662-5202.

    Thank you!

    Written by: Michael Cassatt, LCS Director of Marketing

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