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    October 20, 2023 3 min read

    If you are taking multiple dogs with you on a hunt or to a field trial, one of the must-have gear is the LCS Chain Gang. The LCS Dog Chain Gang gives you the ability to chain your dogs out, providing them the freedom to move around, stand, sit, or laydown as they please. No need to carry multiple stakeouts and stake out each dog individually. With our Chain Gang system, you can use as little as two stakes and tie out up to 6 dogs on one system.

    Everything that you get with the chain gang is made in the USA with everything assembled right in our warehouse. The stakes in our chain gang system are 14 inches long and ½ diameter with a welded head on them to provide a better hammering surface. For loose soil or for larger dogs that pull a lot, we also offer Heavier Longer Stakes that are sold separately; those are 24 inches long and ¾ inches diameter.

    For our chains, we use steel swing chain and high quality brass snaps. Each dog gets 16 inches of chain to provide plenty of movement area. Each dog is spaced out with plenty of room between so that there are no chances of the dogs being able to reach each other.


    Configurations Options

    Our Chain Gangs are available in a 1-dog configuration up to a 6-dog configuration. Any more than that, the system becomes too large and would need additional stakes in the middle.


    Use As a Training Tool

    The chain gang is not only a tool to keep your dog(s) secure and safe when not in the field, but many trainers also use it as a training tool. When training puppies, a chain gang can be used to teach a puppy to get accustomed to physical restraint and break them of pulling and trying to break free. This is great for those puppies that also pull and tug when on a leash, as the chain gang is not going anywhere and they can pull and tug till they learn to settle down.

    A chain gang can also be used to stake out the dogs in view of older better trained dogs. The dogs on the chain will watch the older dogs work the field and can learn from visual observations. Puppies are instinctually wired to learn from watching older dogs. As dogs are pack animals, they are eager to learn. Several studies have shown that a puppy 6-12 weeks old, watching the training of an older dog, will more quickly pick up those same skills when they are trained months later.


    Staff Feedback

    LCS Staff Member, Andy Purnell (written in March 2013)

    “I am recently back from a hunting trip in the great Northwoods of Maine. We took 20 hounds to chase the white ghost of the North, the Snowshoe hare. We got a lot of use out of the chain gang tie outs we took along with us. In addition to keeping the hounds under control and letting them have fresh air and sunshine, it made doctoring feet and feeding the hounds seem almost effortless. It was very nice and easy to use when we tied it off between trees and the truck or trailer due to the depth of the snow.”

    Chain Gang

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