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  • Pigeon Harness and Wing Strap Demo

    June 28, 2016 2 min read

    Hi, I'm Eric with Lion Country Supply. I'm here today to answer a common question that we have; how do you use the Pigeon Restraint Harness. So I have some pigeons here and I'm going to show you how to put the pigeon in the harness.

    The mesh goes across the back of the bird. You take their head and put it throughthe hole and the mesh goes across their back. The main thing you want to remember when putting these on, these are very humane, you don't want to take the strap and wrap it across their belly because you'll wind up cutting off the birr's air way. What you want to do is go back behind and put on like this. That way the bird still can't move but you?re not cutting off it air way and it can still breath. Then you can just sit it down and do your bird work with it.

    To remove the harness, as you can see they are easy to use. The bird is fine, and you can use the harness again. These work real well with your pointing dogs, you'll be able to use your birds another day as well as the harness another day and keep using the same birds.

    Wing Strap Demo (same video skipped forward)

    Next, I'm going to show you how to use the Pigeon Wing Strap. It comes in two different pieces, you have a piece of velcro and the loop. Basically it goes over the pigeon's wing, the V faces down and then the strap is what straps over the wing. The most important thing to remember just to save yourself some headaches is to put the velcro on one side before you start putting it on the bird. You'll want the long side facing towards the bottom of the bird so you can just flip it over their wing and you?re ready to go.

    You?re going to want to have one side already velcroed when you start and it'll make your life a little easier. Have the side that is going towards the birr's body unvelcroed. You take it and put it over the wing, and run this strap insidethenput it over the wing. That way you can set your bird down and they will be able to move around a little bit but they won't be able to fly away.

    To remove it, all you do it undo the velcro. It's helpful with an assistant to have a second set of hands to do this. You undo the Velcro and pull it off. The birr's wing is fine and they will be able to fly if you want them to fly. Completely humane, just lets you reuse your birds and use them to help train your pointing dog breeds.


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