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  • Dogtra ARC - Product Review Video

    July 15, 2016 2 min read

    Hi, I'm Eric with Lion Country Supply and I'm here today to talk to you about the one of the newest e-collars by Dogtra. It's called the Dogtra ARC, which stands for Advanced Receiver Concept. The main point of this collar is that the receiver is more ergonomically shaped. When your dog is wearing it, it looks as if your dog has a regular collar on. As you can see it is much lower profile, which is helpful if you not want it to be seen as much or you don't want it sticking out as far to be bagging off brush while you're running your dog.

    A little bit about the collar itself. It has a three-quarter mile range and it is made for low to medium stimulation levels. So if you have an extremely stubborn dog this wouldn't be the collar you'd want for it. However, if you have a dog that's not that stubborn this is a great system.

    On/Off Switch

    If you are familiar with Dogtra systems, this one is going to feel very similar. The transmitter has a power button on the side to turn the transmitter on and off. To turn the receiver on and off, there is a red magnetic switch located on the receiver and a red magnetic switch of the back of the hand-held. All you do is touch the two together to turn it on and off.


    You can run up to two dogs on this system and unlike most Dogtra systems you can add a collar at any time. If you lose a collar you can buy an extra one to replace it. So, it's a pretty neat feature being able to replace collars if you break them or lose them and add one on whenever you want to.

    Transmitter Features

    The Dogtra ARC has a toggle switch for nick and continuous. The front two buttons control those, while the side buttons are a non-stimulating pager, which is what Dogtra calls a vibration. The receiver is fairly small and fits great in your hand. It also comes with a metal bent clip those screws into the back so it's fairly rigid design. So you don't have to worry about the bent clip falling off or braking.

    Stimulation Levels

    The Dogtra ARC handheld has a rheostat dial to change the stimulation levels, it goes 1 to 127. The rheostat dial is fairly firm so you don't have to worry about the stimulation level accidentally while you're in the middle of your running your dog. We have customer ask, "why do I need 127 levels of stimulation, when most other e-collars go maybe 1-21 or 1-7?" It's different philosophy of different companies. Dogtra's philosophy for the 1 to 127 is so that you can know the exact stimulation level that your dog needs without any risk for over correcting. So that's why it has that many levels of stimulation levels. It also makes it really easy to find exactly what your dog needs and not having to worry about over correcting them.

    That is the Dogtra ARC. If you have any questions about this system feel free to give us a call or visit us on our website at lcsupply.com.

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