Dogtra ARC Advanced Receiver Concept

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  • The Dogtra ARC: Advanced Receiver Concept


    Dogtra never stops evolving to develop the most advanced e-collar gear for modern day dog owners and trainers. Developed using the best of Dogtra engineering know-how, the Dogtra ARC e-collar remote training tool comes with an ultra-slim receiver for a seamless appearance and improved comfort for dogs 15 pounds and up.

    The Dogtra ARC e-collar features a 3/4-mile range and 2-Dog expandability. The receiver/collar outputs Low-Mid stimulation from 1-127 levels designed for all breeds with medium to soft temperaments. The ARC’s ergo dynamic handheld transmitter also features a checkered grip and belt clip. The Dogtra ARC e-collar is fully waterproof and comes with 2-hour rapid charge batteries.

    The Dogtra ARC can become a two-dog system with the purchase of a Dogtra ARC Extra Collar.

    Read an LCS Staff Review

    "I recently got my hands on the Dogtra ARC, which is Dogtra’s new and low-profile remote dog training system. Designed to be very slim and blend in with the collar around your dog’s neck, it is the perfect discreet dog training device. The hand-held is small and lightweight, making it great for carrying around your neck or in a holster on your belt. The Dogtra ARC training system is suitable for wearing out for a run at the park, while still allowing you to have that e-collar control of your dog without the anti-electronic collar looks from strangers."
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    Replacement Accessories for the Dogtra ARC:

    Dogtra ARC Addition Receiver

    Dogtra ARC Wall Charger

    Dogtra ARC Vehicle Charger

    Dogtra 5-5 Splitter Cable

    Dogtra 2 Inch Replacement Antenna

    • 3/4-Mile Range
    • Rheostat/Volume Dial with Stimulation Levels 0-127
    • 2-Hour Rapid Charge Batteries
    • Nick, Constant, and Non-Stimulating Pager Vibration
    • Low to Medium Power Stimulation
    • Belt Clip
    • Slim Design Receiver/Collar
    • Fully Waterproof
    • Checkered Grips
    • Expandable to a Two-Dog System.
    • LCD Screen
    • For Dogs as small as 15 pounds
    • 2-year Limited Lifetime Warranty


    This unit has been tested and has received a waterproof rating of IPX9K. The Ingress Protection (IP) rating classifies the level of protection provided by the exterior casing and electrical enclosures against a variety of elements. Dogtra's IPX9K rating has been specifically tested for waterproof protection. This unit was tested at close range using powerful water jets with high pressure and high temperature over various points. 

    • 1 Transmitter
    • 1 Receiver/collar
    • 1 Battery Charging Adapter
    • 1 Splitter cable
    • 1 Test light
    • Owner's manual
    • 1 Metal belt Clip and 2 screws
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