Dogtra 200C Review

June 23, 2016 2 min read

Dogtra 200C Box

The Dogtra 200C Compact Training System is a no-nonsense trainer with intuitive one-handed controls. The 200C features an ultra-compact receiver/collar that is 28.8% smaller than comparable models. The Rheostat dial on the 200C gradually increases stimulation for precision control of the 100 levels offered.

Handheld Features

Dogtra 200C Hand-HeldThe Dogtra 200C handheld features a one-handed operation. With the rheostat dial, the 200C has 100 levels of precision control of gradually increasing stimulation levels. When using stimulation you can choose between nick and constant stimulation. If you choose to use non-stimulation, the 200C features a high performance pager (vibration), which offers even more versatility and allows you to customize how you train.

Battery and Charging

The handheld and collar both feature a 2 hour rapid charging lithium-polymer battery. The system comes with a wall charger and splitter cable allowing you to charge both the collar and handheld at the same time. Charging the handheld and collar is very easy, by lifting up the rubber seal located on the bottom of the back of the handheld and insert the charging cable. On the collar, lift up the seal, which if the Dogtra logo is facing forwards you, itisbehind the right contact point and insert the charging cable. If you are going to store the system without use for any length of time longer than a month or two it is best to fully charge both batteries for the two hour charge time.

Dogtra 200C Charging Transmitter Receiver

Receiver/Collar Features

Dogtra 200C Collar Receiver

The 200C receiver is 28.8% smaller than comparable models making it a great compact collar fitting dogs down to 10 pounds. Receiver dimensions are 2 3/8? by 1 1/4? by 1?. The collar is fully waterproof, allowing you to do water work and training in all weather conditions. It also features a three color LED indicator allowing you to see when the battery is getting low.


The Dogtra 200C is a one dog system. If you need a two dog system, the Dogtra 202C is a 2 dog system using the same collars but with a modified handheld that will run two collars.


The Dogtra 200C features a 1/2 mile range. Keep in mind that range could vary depending on terrain, weather condition, and cover as with all e-collars.

Turning On/Off Your Receiver and Handheld

Dogtra 200C Magnetic On Off Switch

Turning on/off the 200C receiver is very easy. The transmitter (hand-held) is always on and uses no power until a button is pushed. To turn the receiver on, just touch the red magnetic on/off switch on the receiver and the transmitter together. You should see a green light on the receiver once the units are on. Turning off the devices is the same as turning them on; touch the red magnetic switches together for a few seconds and once you see a red light displayed the devices are off.

Package Contains

The Dogtra 200C comes with the waterproof handheld, waterproof receiver/collar, Dogtra lanyard, wall charger, and splitter cable.

Dogtra 200C Package Contains


Overall the Dogtra 200C is a great compact e-collar system that can work on dogs down to 10 pounds. Check out our comparison video below for more information and visuals on the Dogtra 200C Compact System. Let us know what your thoughts are on the new Dogtra 200C in the comments below.


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