LCS Upland Classic Grade IV S/S by Ugartechea

November 25, 2009 1 min read

Reviewed by Brian Parsons - LCS Telephone Specialist


I special ordered a Ugartechea Grade IV 28 gauge this past summer. This was the first time the grade IV's were available in that gauge. I ordered the gun with custom stock dimensions, 29 inch barrels, choked SK1/M, and with upgraded wood and hand rubbed oil finish. I shot skeet this summer to get myself used to the new side-by-side shotgun and in no time was able to hit consistently. I have carried it this season for grouse and pheasant and have been pleased with the quickness I can point at the bird. This gun is on a 28-gauge frame and is a pleasure to carry all day in the thickest coverts.

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