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  • LCS Premium Blank Pistol

    October 28, 2009 1 min read

    If you are looking for a quality blank pistol for a great price, look no

    farther. The LCS premium Blank pistol is what you need! This pistol is a
    heavy duty piece of equipment, The cylinder swing out locks in place, so you can expect it to fire every time you pull the trigger. The trigger has a
    nice easy pull that can be used either single action(cock the hammer)or
    double action (pull trigger/hammer cocks). The trigger guard is also big enough
    to use with gloves.

    With the nice nickel finish the pistol not only looks good, you can tell
    when it is in need of cleaning (the finish is rust resistant.) The pistol fires all the .22 blank ammo we offer, from the small crimps to Winchester black powder.

    Reviewed by Andy Purnell, LCS Staff Member

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