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  • SportHunter 1825 by SportDOG

    January 22, 2010 2 min read

    Group Review by LCS Staff Members

    The SportHunter 1825 was introduced in the fall of 2009 and many of us at LCS have used this system extensively. Everyone has been ecstatic with the 1825's features and reliability. It utilizes the newest technology resulting in what we feel is a superior unit. SportDOG conservatively states the range is 1 mile, but in line of sight testing by LCS staff members using GPS technology, we got just over 2 miles of range!

    The 1825 transmitter measures 7 3/8? long (including length of the antenna) and 2 1/4? wide, and is very compact and comfortable in the hand. There are separate buttons for momentary and continuous stimulation, and a tone button on the side. An important feature on the 1825 is the toggle switch on the transmitter that instantly allow you to switch from "og 1? to "og 2?. Convenient and it allows the switchover to occur without changing the function of the various buttons. As a result, this unit can be completely operated with one hand totally by feel, without having to take your eyes off your dog! Another unique feature is the choice of electronic stimulation or vibration correction, while still maintaining the tone option.

    As on the 1225, each collar can be set within one of three ranges - low, medium, and high. Within each range there are 8 levels of stimulation. As a result, if you have one dog that is "oft?, the receiver can be set to the low range that provides a reduced amount of stimulation. Then, if the second dog is a stubborn critter, the receiver can be set to the high range that provides an increased amount of stimulation. Again, within each of these ranges you still have 8 levels of stimulation as selected by the roller dial.

    The 1825 is the one of our absolute favorites at LCS, as it offers tremendous features at a fair price.

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