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  • Guillermo Tucci's post

    December 15, 2014 1 min read

    The first season has wound down and it's deer season here in PA. Arlo and I had a great season after a slow start with a cancelled trip to the Upper Peninsula (oh well!). Looking back on the dog work, I was cleaning up my gear bag and went through my canine first aid kit.There is a definite routine at the tailgate that has proven successful for me. Furthermore there have been some products that are invaluable to me immediately after the hunt. My first post hunt practice every time is to administer Glycocharge(#GLY). This stuff works! Period. I try to deny water for the last 15 minutes before the end of the hunt, mixing the Glycocharge in a water bowl. I love the (#FDB), you will eliminate that "tiff dog? syndrome later in the evening. If you are hunting for consecutive days it is a must. Next one is the eye flush (#SEW). A quick blast in each eye will produce an eye opening (no pun intended) result that removes seeds, crud, and other annoying stuff. No puffy, half-closed eyes if you do your part. Next, out come my LCS tick and thorn kit (#TTK). This is a handy combo, which includes a Flea/tick comb, forceps for cactus, hawthorn, and quills, and a tick nipper for pulling those ever-present buggers. I also use Vetericyn (#VWT) for paws, abrasions, cuts, etc. Five minutes with these essential products helps keep my buddy ready to go the next time. I'm sure if you dedicate 5 min. to this post-hunt routine it will do the same for your buddy!

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