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  • Garmin TT15 vs TT15X Tracking and Training Collars

    February 17, 2022 3 min read 3 Comments

    Garmin TT15 vs TT15X

    With the introduction of the new Garmin TT15X collar, we would like to take the time to give you our first impression of the specs of the new TT15X collar compared with its older version. At first glance, it’s apparent that the shell of the two units is nearly identical. The only identifying mark of the two Garmin collars is the serial number sticker with its designated product name above. There is not a remarkable change in appearance between the new Garmin TT15X and its original design that was first released in June of 2014. We will be breaking down the collars into several categories including battery life, features, range, handheld compatibility, and price.

    Battery Life

    One of the favorable changes to the Garmin TT15X collar was its battery life, which customers will be rejoicing over. For years, we have repeatedly seen and heard feedback from customers saying that they wished the Garmin TT15 collars had more battery life, especially on multi-day hunts. Thankfully, Garmin has listened and the new Garmin TT15X features a battery life of up to 80 hours! This is over twice the battery life of the original TT15’s 20-40 hour battery life. What has yet to be determined is how Garmin was able to achieve this increase in battery life. Perhaps it could be the result of more efficient circuitry and software, but it could also be due to an improved battery. Stay tuned for an update once we are able to open one up and take a peek inside.

    Collar Features

    Both the Garmin TT15 and the TT15X feature beacon lights, vibration, tone, and 18 levels of both momentary and continuous stimulation. They also both include bark detection and a tree/point notification. New to the Garmin TT15X is a remote receiver sleep mode. This mode can be remotely turned on and off to extend the battery life of the receiver. We are assuming that there will be a new Garmin handheld software update for existing units to activate this sleep mode, but are still unsure of the details at this time. We think this feature will best serve when you’re moving your dogs from one hunting spot to another, when you might not want to bother to take the time to remove the dog’s collar. We all know how challenging it can be to turn the collars off while it’s being worn on the dog. With the remote sleep mode, the hunter will be able to remotely put the receiver into a standby mode, which should save on battery; thus, extending your hunt time potentially more than twice as long.

    Tracking and Training Range

    Tracking and training distance with both collars remain the same with a max range of 9 miles. There is the possibility that with the new hardware, there may be an improvement to tracking quality, like less frequent signal drops and better range in cover, but we will have to do further testing before being able to determine for sure. Stay tuned!

    System Compatibility

    Like range, compatibility with handhelds remains the same with the new Garmin TT15X. Both the TT15 and TT15X collars are compatible with the Alpha 100, Alpha 200, Alpha 200i, Alpha 10, PRO 550 Plus, and Astro 430 handhelds. When used with the Astro 430, the Garmin TT15 and TT15X can only be used in track-only mode. The TT15X is also available bundled with all the Alpha series handhelds listed above and the PRO 550 Plus Handheld. To view all available options, click: Garmin X-Series Collars.

    Unit Price

    Unfortunately, as it seems like with everything lately increasing in price, the same rings true for the Garmin TT15X. The original TT15 sold for $299.99, whereas the new TT15X is available at $349.99.

    LCS E-Collar Trade-In Program

    Are you considering the purchase of a new Garmin TT15X and already have an older Garmin TT10 or TT15 collar? With the LCS E-Collar Trade-In Program, you can send in your old equipment, working or non-working, for credit towards your new Garmin purchases. For more information on our E-Collar Trade-In Program, see LCS Trade-In Program. If you are ready to send in your equipment check out, Simple Tips for the LCS E-Collar Trade-In Program, for information about sending in your trade-in and making the process go as smoothly and quickly as possible.

    If you have any questions about the new Garmin TT15X, please leave a comment below or reach out to our customer service by either calling 1-800-662-5202 or using our live chat during business hours.

    Thank you for reading!

    Michael Cassatt – LCS Director of Marketing

    3 Responses

    Ruben Houser
    Ruben Houser

    February 07, 2023

    Trying the new collar’s tomorrow look lighter build than the old ones . Happy hunting

    Michael - Lion Country Supply
    Michael - Lion Country Supply

    February 21, 2022

    @Sean, As far as we know, Garmin has nothing in the works for the TT15 Mini collars.

    sean lynott
    sean lynott

    February 21, 2022

    Do you know if there are plans for a tt15x mini??

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