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  • Garmin Tri-Tronics PRO Trashbreaker Review

    May 17, 2014 2 min read

    PROthrashbreaker_HR_7000.epsThe PRO Trashbreaker is now the longest range remote collar with an unprecedented 4 mile line of sight range. Using the Garmin Alpha 100we found this unbelievable claim to be true although we did our test in the field without line of sight. The PRO Trashbreaker works off of a different radio signal from previous Trashbreaker units. The PRO Trashbreaker uses MURS Frequency, the same radio frequency that Garmin uses with the Garmin Alpha to get the incredible 9 miles on it. Another reason that we are able to see that kind of range on the PRO Trashbreaker is the long range whip style cable antenna. This is the same kind of antenna used on the TT 10 and the DC 50 collars. They are extremely durable but can be chewed. If using the bark limiter feature I would strongly suggest that you do not want to put them on dogs that can reach each other. The antenna flopping around will just invite another dog to chew and play with it.

    Just like the PRO 70the toggle switch which changes the button setup has the collar colors shown opposed to a circle and a dot, which in my opinion is easier to tell what collars you are transmitting to. In this case the unit is expandable to 9 dogs! Instead of a 2 position toggle switch it is now a 3 position switch. Different colors let you know which dog is getting the correction. I am also a fan of the charger for the transmitter; I very much prefer the plug over the older Tri-Tronics cradles. The collars charge with a clip which is much smaller than the cradles we used to snap the receivers into when charging them. The transmitter has been changed a bit in that it is now bright yellow on one side making it easier to find if dropped in the woods.(ask me how I know) and now has a 7" flexible VHF antenna like the Astro and Alpha which although very easy to change has proven to be very durable in the field.

    The PRO Trashbreaker shares a few of its best features with the PRO 70. The - collar strap, the beacon light and the bark limiter are available on both and are all reasons that I would suggest these units to hounds men or any one with wide ranging hard headed dogs.

    -Andy Purnell, LCS Customer Service

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