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  • EZ Loader Dog Kennel - A Review

    June 24, 2015 2 min read 1 Comment


    This is a great dog kennel unit, so good in fact, I own two of them and here's a few reasons why. One of the biggest draws is the EZ Loader's high-density polymer construction, it's UV safe and can handle winter's bitter cold making it an indoor or outdoor dog or hunting dog box. Beyond the polymer shell itself, the heavy-duty welded doors are powder coated and feature stainless-steel hardware, when it's time to clean it, just hose it out - there's nothing to rust. The optional kennel door cover kits for the wintertime keep warmth in and provide plenty of ventilation for a dog whether they're asleep or still panting hard after a run. The bottom sill of the door is a little higher than other dog kennels, this great at keeping in straw bedding or Lion Country Supply's Red Cedar Shavings.

    The partition inside is removable, this allows you to make much more room for one dog that's laid up with an injury or surgery and has to be confined. This keeps dogs confined but gives them plenty of room to stretch out. I've seen beagle owners remove it and put their whole pack inside, I've also removed the partition in mine to move whole litters of 4-8 week old pups to the vet office or to new owners.

    This particular size works well for dogs under 60lbs - this will give them plenty of room for long trips. I've had my dogs do 12 hour rides on hunting trips in these and do great. At rest stops, they aren't coming out stiff or act like they were shot from a canon when the door opens, stir crazy from be confined in a tight space.


    I've had them stacked on top of each other in the back of my dog truck (a term I use as an excuse for owning a nearly 20 year old, dingy truck) and in the back of a small SUV and minivan. I've since graduated into a dog topper but I always have one of my EZ Loaders in the bed underneath just in case and the other one handy for injured dogs or those I'm monitoring or keeping under close eye. My first EZ Loader Kennel is going on 10 years old and is still solid!


    - Seth Heasley

    1 Response


    March 04, 2024

    Do a video review on the triple compared to the double please!

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