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    December 22, 2015 3 min read

    Are you looking into building a kennel or just refurbishing your pre-existing kennel? If you answered yes to either of these questions then read on to find out what should be located in a kennel and the most efficient set up to make the best use out of your space. We will discuss some key products that lend themselves to a kennel and what you will need to properly furnish the space and make it a useful and comfortable environment for your dogs.

    First to make or design your kennel, if you have not already done so, you can decide on either a partially open run design (if you have heat in your kennel) or you can build a kennel with insulated draft free nesting boxes, if the kennel is not heated. Both designs have their own benefits and it is solely based on your own preference and budget which design would best fit you and your dog's lifestyle and needs. Also a necessity is either a concrete or stone floor that is sloped for easy water run-off or a floor with drainage. There are key products that are must-haves if you favor one design over the other.

    Dog DoorsIf you are going to build a partially open kennel that features heat and/or heated floors you will need a good set of dog doors so that your canines can comfortably transition from being outdoors to in without leaving in unwanted objects such as leaves and other small critters. Here at Lion Country Supply we sell a few varieties? including the most popular gun dog door which is a heavy duty dog door that seals in the heat and blocks out the unwanted wind and cold. Another item that goes hand in hand with outdoor/indoor kennels are sunscreens for the outdoor portion of the kennel so that your dogs do not overheat in the mid-day sun during the summer. We sell our own LCS kennel sunscreen which blocks out all the UV Rays and produces shade so that your dog is always hydrated and in top condition.

    kddbIf you are going to go with a kennel design that is not heated or have heating elements you will need key products that lend themselves to producing heat, insulation and protecting your dogs from the harsh winters. With non-heated environments you will likely want to build an insulated nesting box like our knockdown dog box that is draft free and makes sure that no winds come inside of it with some of red cedar bedding inside. Another key item that you will need is some type of portable heater and heating accessories, such as the hound heater deluxe that we offer or the heated mat and cushion. Another item that is essential for those cold winter nights is water heaters and bowls, here at Lion Country Supply we offer Nelson water bucket heater and also a heated water bowl and waterer, all are recommended for kennels without heat.

    Now that you know what purchase to focus on for whatever type of kennel you have we can recommend key products and features that function in either type of kennel and that are mainstays in every kennel incluKuranda Bedding our owners own personal kennel. We highly recommend featuring a food station and storage in your kennel to keep your dog's food fresh and convenient as well as a bedding element such as a Kuranda bed or even a dog nest for a comfortable and plush sleeping and laying experience. Another key element to feature is a water source so that you can easily wash down your kennels whenever necessary with the aid of a disinfectant like WysiWash. When discussing cleaning and preservation we should mention that having a portable pet wash such as the Booster Bath we sell is key to maintaining a clean dog annually as well as dog cleaning supplies and shampoos which we also offer.

    So as you can see there are a lot of options and necessities that one needs when designing or refurbishing a layout for a kennel. If you have any questions regarding building your own kennel or kennel supplies don't hesitate to give us a call as 1-800-662-5202. We can help you with everything that you need to know from beginning to end!

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