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  • LCS Phone Sales Associate Bags a Big One!

    December 21, 2015 1 min read

    Courtney's deer

    Another one of our own, Courtney bagged her first Buck and boy was it a Big One! Courtney is our phone sales experts and bagged this Buck, a 10 point that was 170 lbs Saturday at 1:10 pm after 7 hours of hunting. The trophy deer was shot at a 15 yard range at Beaver Dam with a Winchester 30-30 with Remington Core-Lokt bought right here at Lion Country Supply! Courtney got the Buck of a lifetime but unfortunately in the process lost her Garmin Astro 220 handheld because it fell off the lanyard, she was using the Astro to keep the drive in the line with the sitters that she had set up, but all is not lost as Courtney is going to pick up a new Garmin Alpha 100 that she has had her eye on for quite a while. Courtney's only thoughts were "How am I going to beat this next year? and - How am I going to drag this out of here." Courtney had luckily taken her scope off the week before which enabled her to easily draw her gun and not take time finding the deer through the scope in the thick briars. Courtney now has enough meat to fill her freezer and then some and plans to make lots of burgers and steaks with the provisions.

    Way to go Courtney!

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