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  • New Puppy Arrivals at Lion Country Supply

    December 29, 2015 3 min read

    LCSupply Labs and Brittany

    This month three new members have joined our LCS team and no they are not of the human variety. The members are puppies, cute and adorable pointer and retriever hunting dog puppies! There will of course be an abundance of pictures and other media dedicated to the small canines of the sporting dog world, but we really want to know what you, our customers want to see for educational purposes, or just to light up your day. The new puppies? owners all work at Lion Country Supply and the puppy's pictures and names are as follows:

    Simcoe is owned by our digital marketer Darren Zapsky. Simcoe is a 9 week old Brittany and is named for the dual purpose role he will serve as an outdoor companion and family pet. Simcoe enjoys taking co-workers items and storing them in his kennel for safe keeping and retrieving his favorite toy pheasant! Simcoe was bred by Royal Flush Farms in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania.

    -I'm very excited about Simcoe. He's my first Brittany and is certainly living up to the breer's reputation of being a high-energy dog, but he's also a sweet pup and is socializing well. Having a lot to learn about gun dogsI'm looking forward to the experience of training and hunting him. I can tell that Simcoe is going to be a good outdoor and family dog."

    Scottey is owned by our store Manager Brian Parsons. Scottey is a 10 week old Black Lab. Scottey was born to Brian's dog Billy whose kennel name is (Colrain Rappid Winfall Billy SH-senior hunter), whom you have seen in many of our Youtube videos and her father was Kenny (Swift River No Problems FC "ield Champion) from Swift River Kennels in New York. Scottey's favorite activities include taking a late afternoon snooze and playing with Simcoe and Gracie.

    "This is my little female Scottey, the 5th generation from our original Labrador Retriever.She will be the gundog in training at our house and we plan to AKC hunt test and spend many years in the field hunting all upland birds and waterfowl.Her grandmother is still with us at 15 years old and was still hunting actively at 12. We also have her aunt, uncle and of course the LCS office mascot mother Billey. Dogs and guns, what a wonderful addiction."

    Gracie is owned by our resident product expert John Sarver. Gracie is a 10 week old Black Lab. Gracie is Scottey's sister and was mothered by Billy and fathered by Kenny. Gracie favorite activities include posing for photographs and cuddling up to her owners older dogs Lucy and Tucker.

    "Colrain Amazing Gracie was born October 5th, 2015. She's amazing because she was the surprise puppy as the sonogram only showed 8 puppies and she was the 9th. The 8th puppy was born dead so Grace had to fight to be born. Grace because she came to us shortly after Thanksgiving. She is feisty but sweet, and, well amazing."

    All three of these puppies are sure to be fantastic members of the LCS family ,good hunters and product testers! Comment below on how cute you think these youngsters are and also what you would like us to either test out with them or give advice on, we love hearing your opinion!


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