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July 11, 2013 1 min read 3 Comments


If you're looking for a great, no-nonsense 2-dog transport kennel, the Easy LoaderTwo DogTransport Kennel is by far the best choice! I've tried some others, even built a couple of my own from scratch. Nothing compares with this unit for long-lasting durability, ease of assembly and cleaning. No rust, no fuss. With a total weight in the 30 pound category, you can easily throw this unit in and out of your truck or SUV without risking a hernia. The 2-piece molded construction makes it easy to assemble, ready to take your 2 buddies hunting or training.

The price of these units includes freight costs right to your door. Be sure to look at the specs and dimensions for both units to get the right fit for your full-size or mid-size vehicle. Get a measurement between the wheel wells of your vehicle to pick the correct model. Remember, these kennels are tapered a bit toward the bottom so they will fit nicely between the wheel wells. Optional door covers are available for extremely cold weather.

Add a couple of our Better LCS Crate Padsof proper size, and you are ready to go! Your dogs will travel a lot safer in this unit and you will have a lot more peace of mind.

-Jack Sankey, LCS Customer Service

3 Responses

Young Kim
Young Kim

September 04, 2021

Does the kennel have a divider or is it just one big space with 2 doors?

Terry Appell
Terry Appell

December 14, 2020

I am looking for a (2) two dog carrier that I can mount on my motorcycle to carry my Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in. They both enjoy riding in my single Carrie, 1 at a time, but would like something I can mount on my Gold Wing trike👍👍

Sharon Suermann
Sharon Suermann

October 05, 2020

Hello. We frequently stop at your store on our way to our cabin in PA. We would like to stop and see the EZ Loader Deuce 2 dog transport kennel. Do you have them in stock at your store?

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