Summer Runnin? - Preparing for Fall Trials

July 15, 2013 1 min read

photo2Here in North Central PA we have been given a break from the oppressive heat and we are looking forward to being able to run the hounds without worry of heat stroke. I have 4 hounds on stake outs out in the back field waiting for the bell to ring. When running in the evenings and into the night, I rely heavily on my Garmin Alpha and the SportDOG Safety lights. I always know where my dogs are, and can make sure they stay safe. I am really looking forward to listening to my small pack of hounds making a bunny run for his life. The trials are slowed down for a bit and we are getting the next crew ready to go for the fall events coming up. I have been very pleased with what we are seeing from the young hounds and expect that we will have a very eventful fall season both at the trials and the upcoming hunting season. This little cool off has really gotten my blood going for the hunting season even though I am sure it will be very short lived.

-Andy Purnell, LCS Customer Service

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