Dogtra Pathfinder 2 Software and Firmware Update November 2022

November 03, 2022 1 min read 1 Comment

Dogtra Pathfinder 2 Software Update

Dogtra just announced a mandatory Pathfinder2 app update (version 1.0.6) along with a firmware update (version 4.0.09). Both of these must be updated before using your devices again! These updates apply to Pathfinder 2 and Pathfinder 2 extra collars. The App update includes several updated features, improvements to accuracy, and bug fixes. A full list of changes will be displayed below.


Pathfinder 2 App Updates:

  • Mandatory Hardware Update – New Firmware Version 4.0.09
  • Mapbox update to feature – Road indication and improved map quality
  • E-Collar tab default setting update
  • GPS connection status definition update for improved accuracy
  • App stabilization and bug fixes.


Updating the Pathfinder2 App:

On your phone open either your Google Play store or Apple App store. Click the Dogta Pathfinder2 app and choose to update.


Updating the Pathfinder 2 Firmware:

Make sure all devices are powered on.

Connect to Bluetooth and be less than 10 feet away from all devices.

In the App click Menu -> Setting -> Firmware Update

In the Firmware Update page click “Update Needed”.

Click “Update” in the pop-up. Once the update is completed it will show “Latest Version”.

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Randy Grossm;an
Randy Grossm;an

November 06, 2022

What happens if you don’t update dogtra software?

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