USA Topo Map for Garmin Astro

  • USA Topo Map for Garmin Astro

    The Garmin Astro Topo Maps of the USA will provide you with incredible topographical detail when viewing the map screen on your Astro.

    With the topo map chip installed in your Astro, you will be able to see every road, dirt or paved, as long the road has a name or number. All bodies of water from the largest lakes and reservoirs to the smallest creeks are shown in the topo detail. All elevation contour lines, power lines and pipelines, cities and towns are shown as well. What we really like is that you can see at a glance where your dog is located in reference to terrain and your location, making it easy to pinpoint them. When running hounds, the topo maps are essential so you can quickly determine where you need to be to get ahead of the chase.

    When you order the Topo USA maps with your Astro system, we will install the mapping system at no charge and you'll receive it ready to go. If you already own an Astro, installation of the mapping program is easy by simply inserting an SD card in the compartment behind the batteries in the back of the Astro hand-held.

    Product Main Features:
    • Shows detailed digital topographic maps, comparable to 1:100,000 scale USGS maps.
    • Displays detailed water features, including coastlines, lake/river shorelines, wetlands and small seasonal streams.
    • Provides searchable points of interests, such as parks, campgrounds, scenic lookouts and picnic sites.
    • Clearly shows changing elevation lines so you can estimate terrain difficulty or steepness.
    • Contains roads, trails and highways in metropolitan and rural areas.
    • Pinpoints national, state and local parks, forests, and wilderness areas.

    1. Will the Topo USA map chip work in both the older Astro 220 and the Astro 320?
    YES, it will work in both units. The chip compartments in both units are identical.

    2. What is the capacity of the TOPO USA SD Card?
    4 Gigabytes

    LCS Staff Review:
    "If you already have a Garmin Astro 220 or 320 System and are running it without the Topo USA Maps for your map screen, you are missing out on half the fun and losing a big part of the great potential of this fantastic dog tracking system. Whether you are just thinking about buying the Garmin Astro system or already own it, we can fix you up real quick with the Topo chip. The micro SD card simply installs in the back of the Astro handheld in a special compartment behind the batteries. You will be amazed at the detail! Now, you will see the lay of the land, hills and valleys, creeks, back roads, where you are, where your dogs are, where you parked your vehicle at the start of the hunt, everything you need to know. You’ll wonder how you ever did without it.
    The land coverage is of the entire USA and has an edition date of March 2013. (This is very up-to-date for this type of Topo mapping!) If you have any questions about this great Garmin accessory, just give us a call. By the way, if you already bought the Garmin Astro system from us or are considering buying it from us, we thank you! You will not be disappointed with the customer service you get with Lion Country Supply on Garmin and all of our products."
    - Jack Sankey, LCS Customer Support
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