Training Tips Your Bird Dog Will Love

  • Training Tips Your Bird Dog Will Love By Martha H. Greenlee

    A book small enough to carry with you as you work your dog, this collection of training tips is based on the Bill West method. “The bird is the teacher”. Training Tips Your Bird Dog will love is written by an amateur for amateurs, and not about training as much as how to think about training.

    Hard cover, 116 pages.

    Chapter Page #
    Chapter One: Advice on Picking a Pup 1
    Chapter Two: Dog Time 5
    Chapter Three: Weak Links: The Tale of Two Pups 9
    Chapter Four: Introducing Quail to Your Pup 12
    Chapter Five: Forward-Running Dogs 18
    Chapter Six: Teaching a Young Dog to Come to You 23
    Chapter Seven: Eyes or Nose 26
    Chapter Eight: Developing Point in a Young Dog 30
    Chapter Nine: Understanding the Check-Cord 34
    Chapter Ten: Using the Wind 38
    Chapter Eleven: Flushing Birds for Your Dog 42
    Chapter Twelve: Before the Workout 48
    Chapter Thirteen: Check-Cord Tension 52
    Chapter Fourteen: Stay Out of the Way 56
    Chapter Fifteen: The Steadying Process with Dominant Dogs 60
    Chapter Sixteen: "It's a Nothing" 64
    Chapter Seventeen: Wait for Tomorrow 68
    Chapter Eighteen: Turning the Corner 72
    Chapter Nineteen: Verbal Command or E-Collar: One or the Other 76
    Chapter Twenty: Creeping 80
    Chapter Twenty-One: Training with Good Flying Quail 84
    Chapter Twenty-Two: Stroking the Tail 88
    Chapter Twenty-Three: What is a Balanced Dog? 92
    Chapter Twenty-Four: Developing a Work Ethic 96
    Chapter Twenty-Five: Delayed Chase 101
    Chapter Twenty-Six: Training Intelligent Dogs 104
    Chapter Twenty-Seven: Self-Awareness 109
    Chapter Twenty-Eight: Living with Your Mistakes 113
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