The Brittany: Amateurs Training with Professionals

  • The Brittany: Amateurs Training with Professionals

    The Brittany: Amateurs Training with Professionals will enable amateur pointing dog trainers to train hunting dogs that they will be proud of and field trial dogs that will win. While emphasis is on the Brittany, this book will help people who train pointing dogs become better trainers. The information in this book emphasizes a step-by-step training process and focuses on the logical progression of the steps. Field trialers and trainers Martha H. Greenlee and David A. Webb (author of A Feisty Little Pointing Dog) have combined their decades of experience with the expertise of the country's top Brittany pros to create an immensely useful guide for anyone who is interested in working with Brittanys.

    Paperback, 119 pages.

    Chapter Page #
    Chapter One: Picking a Pup and Getting Started 1
    Chapter Two: Using Birds for Field Training 7
    Chapter Three: Introducing Bird and Gunfire 14
    Chapter Four: Training During the First Eighteen Months 25
    Chapter Five: Beginning Yard Work 43
    Chapter Six: Training With the E-Collar 52
    Chapter Seven: Teaching Steady-to-Wing-and-Shot 86
    Chapter Eight: Providing Additional Training 74
    Chapter Nine: Talking with Professionals 82
    Chapter Ten: Reflecting 92
    Appendix A: Resources 96
    Appendix B: Recalling Quail 98
    Appendix C: Scent 191
    Appendix D: The Brittany in America 112

    List of Illustrations

    Illustration Page #
    Tethering a Pigeon 8
    Dizzying a Pigeon 9
    Puppy Stalking a Quail 16
    Introducing Gunfire 21
    Hiding from a Puppy 26
    Three Dog Stakeout 31
    Dog in a Roading Harness Dragging a Cable 35
    The Training Collar 43
    Positioning the Training Collar 46
    Hand Resting on the Transmitter 57
    Testing a Dog's Comprehension of "Whoa" 59
    Bringing a Dog Downwind of the Scent 67
    Backing a Silhouette 77
    Quail Feeder 100
    Pre-Re-releasing System for Quail 102
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