Snakefoot - The Making of a Champion

  • Snakefoot: The Making of a Champion

    Elhew Kennel owner Bob Wehle shares his 60 years of Breeding & Training secrets, 268 pgs.

    Robert G. Wehle has line bred, developed and trained the premier shooting dogs in the country since 1938. Pointers from his famous Elhew Kennels are sought after by discriminating hunters, field trials, and dog breeders the world over. In Snakefoot: The Making of a Champion, Wehle not only chronicles the step-by-step development of National Champion Elhew Snakefoot, but outlines his now famous breeding program and shares his successful stress-free techniques of training that have produced so many generations of fine shooting dogs and national field trial champions.

    Chapter Page #
    Chapter One: Breeding Background 1
    Chapter Two: Establishing a Pure Gene Pool 11
    Chapter Three: How it Started 19
    Chapter Four: Snakefoot's Pedigree 31
    Chapter Five: Breeding 53
    Chapter Six: Breeding Questions 63
    Chapter Seven: A Philosophy of Training 85
    Chapter Eight: Where It All Begins 95
    Chapter Nine: Walking Puppies 103
    Chapter Ten: Yard Training 119
    Chapter Eleven: The Final Development of Snakefoot 131
    Chapter Twelve: Field Trials 153
    Chapter Thirteen: What Have We Done? 191
    Chapter Fourteen: For The Record 205
    Chapter Fifteen: The Rewards of Maturity 239

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