Shed Hunting Antler Silhouettes

  • Shed Hunting Antler Silhouettes

    Antler silhouettes are designed as a visual training aid for dogs new to shed hunting. Silhouettes are used to get the dog use to seeing the shape of the antler and know when they see that it means there is a shed to retrieve. The silhouettes are over sides to make them more easily seen by beginner dogs.

    When using the antler silhouettes, place them about 25 yards from your dog, normally with a dark background so that the silhouette stands out. You want to place either a dummy antler or a real antler shed at the base of the silhouette for your dog to find and retrieve. You can also introduce antler scent to the antlers when using this beginner training method.

    After the dog gets the basic retrieves done, you can begin placing the silhouettes out in the field and in multiples. The goal is to get the search process started for the dog and encourages the dog to range on its own.

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