Retriev-R-Trainer Canvas Bumpers

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  • The Retriev-R-Trainer Canvas Dummies are made from water resistant 1000 denier Cordura nylon over a foam body and a solid aluminum insert that mounts on the launcher. These dummies are able to be launched on land or over water, are rugged and made to last. Compatible with the Retriev-R-Trainer, Lucky Launcher and the DT Systems Launcher.

    Customize the level of challenge depending on the experience of your dog with a variety of colors. Solid white is easiest for the dogs to see and locate, perfect for beginning retrieves. Black and white catches their attention while in air with the alternating colors, so it is easy for the dog to mark. Camo will blend into the environment and is best used in a training scenario with injectable scent. Pink, Purple, Red and Yellow are all going to be a mid-range challenge for the dog, as they are still visible but not obvious against spring and summer foliage like the white. Please keep in mind that if you are training in snow that the color situation is switched, the white will be difficult to see and the darker colors including the camo will be more visible to the dog.

    Extend the life of your dummies by washing them by hand with dish soap and water when soiled and fully drying them both after washing or when using them in water retrieve training, prior to storing.

    Please choose from the following colors when ordering: Black and White, Camo, Pink, Purple, Red, White or Yellow.

    Purchase a scent injector to lace your dummies with your chosen bird scent

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