Ocean Breeze Cooling System

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  • The Ocean Breeze Cooling System is a simple and easy to install system that really works! You can quickly lay down a cool mist of water that not only wets your dog, but also significantly reduces air temperature in the area of the mist through the evaporation process. We love ours!

    This system installs in minutes on a standard faucet and emits a cooling mist that will keep your pets (and trainers!) safe and comfortable in hot weather. The unit can be turned on manually or attached to the Auto Timer (sold separately) that can be programmed to mist up to four times per day. The 50-foot water line can be outfitted with up to 10 misting nozzles, depending on your desired coverage area.

    All necessary hardware is included: 10 misting nozzles, 3/8 50-foot waterline, faucet connector, filter screen, 15 C-clamps, straight connector, line end and hole punch. Easy to follow detailed instructions included.
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