Neo-Paws Regular Dog Shoe Boot

  • Neo-Paws Regular Shoe/Boots

    The shoes are sold in pairs (2 shoes), since your dog's rear paws may be smaller, so please measure them as well.

    The upper is a water-resistant neoprene rubber with all-new Aqua-Blocking features and the sole is made of an injection moulded rubber for added strength offering maximum protection and comfort.

    Although the sole does differ and offers less rubber over and above the seams than the High Performance™ shoe, the Regular shoes are also extremely durable especially now with the new toe cap design and reinforced heels! Also Ideal for swimming and to protect pool liners, or simply for walking and running, in rain or snow, with your Best Friend and comfort the dog that suffers from hip dysplasia and dragging paws.

    They are NOT to be used INDOORS for extended periods of time or in the HEAT.

    How To Measure:

    1. Print out both of the paw size charts (links found below).

    2. Measure the diagrams to make sure they printed out as size states.

    3. Place the dog's paw at a normal stance, (not spread out) on the diagram that you think matches.

    4. The paw should go over the lines by up to 0.25" and this would be the right size.

    5. Please measure one front and one rear paws.

    Neo-Paws Sizing Chart (Sizes up to large)
    Neo-Paws Sizing Chart (Sizes Large and up)
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