Lion Country Supply Dog Safety Vest

  • The Lion Country Supply Dog Safety Vest is made locally in Pennsylvania exclusively for LCS and designed by our hunting experts. Made especially for pointers, flushers, retrievers or versatile dogs hunting pheasants in the tall grass, woodcock and ruffed grouse in thick brush, or hounds night hunting for predators and vermin. The vest covers the full length of the upper half of the ribcage with a double layer of blaze orange cotton canvas that is double stitched. A 3/4-in. wide high visibility reflective strip runs diagonally for 8 in. from the top to the bottom of the dog’s ribcage to catch light from any flashlight or truck headlight. The built-in brisket strap is 3 in. wide and secures the vest behind the dog’s front legs with a double Velcro alligator mouth closure. Easy to put on and take off, as you simply slide the vest over the dog’s head with the chest strap in front, then close up the brisket strap. The chest strap is constructed from extremely durable Cordura nylon that extends on to the vest for a 3 in. brush guard towards the front.

    Please measure the girth of your dog’s chest and specify size when ordering:

    Vest Sizing:

    • Small/Medium: 28-33 in.
    • Large/XLarge: 32-37 in.
    • 2XLarge: 36-41 in.

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