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Lion Country Supply .32 S&W Black Powder Substitute Blanks


    Lion Country Supply .32 Caliber Black Substitute Powder Blanks

    Our .32 caliber Black Substitute Powder Blanks (50 count per box) are made for training, field trials, hunt tests and track and field meets where blank fire is needed. This blank ammo has a loud report and puff of smoke that can be seen clearly by judges and gallery spectators. These blanks are ideal for the dog training situation where birds are to be reused. These are a great alternative to the Winchester .32 black powder blanks.

    This .32 caliber ammo can be used in any .32 caliber blank gun. Our .32 caliber blank ammo satisfies the minimum requirements for American Field (AF), Field Dog Stud Book (FDSB), Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America (AFTCA) and National Bird Hunters Association (NBHA) field trial events and is also suitable for American Kennel Club (AKC) Hunt Tests.

    Best partnered with The LCS Champion Blank Pistol (CP 32).
    *Please note: Make sure you specify .32 caliber when ordering the LCS Champ Blank Pistol (CP 32)*


    • Caliber: 32 S&W
    • Powder Type: Black Powder Substitute
    • Quantity: 50 Rounds
    • Bullet Style: Blank
    • Case Type: Brass
    • Primer: Boxer
    • Corrosive: No
    • Country of Origin: United States


    PLEASE NOTE: All blank ammunition must ship by Ground Service (UPS/FED EX) and can only ship to within the USA at the shipping rate of $6.95. No ammo of any type may be shipped by air.

    CAUTION! As when using any ammo, always wear hearing protection when using this product.


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    Can I have this ammo shipped outside of the lower 48?
    No. Blank ammo cannot be shipped outside of the lower 48 and cannot be shipped via air.

    Is the acorn crimp blanks used for track and field or sporting events?
    Yes. The Winchester .32 Caliber Black Powder Blanks can be used for track and field or sporting events.

    Can the 32 blanks be used in a regular gun or only a blank gun?
    Blank ammo can be used in any revolver as long as the caliber is correct. When using in a non-blank gun, we suggest cleaning the gun after use to remove the blank powder residue.

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