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LED Super Smart Light Package

  • Unless you possess the gift of night vision, you’ll want to begin with buying a quality coon hunting light. This “must have” coon hunting light makes night hunting simplified! Whether you hunt vermin like raccoons and opossums, or maybe you are a predator hunter and run down bobcat, coyote, fox, mountain lion or black bear, or possibly you are working a pack of hog dogs, this is the helmet light for you. Most of these animals are nocturnal creatures, and if you hope to navigate your way through the woods at night and take an accurate shot, you’ll need a powerful light source. Lion Country Supply’s coon hunting light is a lightweight, powerful, and energy efficient headlamp endorsed by hounds’ men across the country. The Lion Country Coon hunting light has been known as the most affordable, highest quality light of its kind. No more going home early because of your batteries running out, this unit will run for a full 15 hours straight on high brightness and 35 hours on low. Light up the tree tops to find your critter with up to 200 lumens on the 10 watt LED light’s high setting. The durable polycarbonate bump cap/helmet has adjustable straps for a custom fit and a built in battery pack. Both the lamp and the battery pack are completely waterproof. The 3.7V, 6600mAh battery recharges fully in 12 hours using the charger included

    Prefer a soft bump cap? LCS Smart Light Package with Soft Bump Cap

    Already have a light package and only need a bump cap/helmet? LCS Bump Cap


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