LCS Warm Weather Chaps

  • Whether you’re chasing chukars in Nevada, desert quail in New Mexico or the earlier seasons of prairie and ruffed grouse around the Midwest, these are the chaps you need. The LCS Warm Weather Chaps are a simple brown single-layer middle denier nylon, made to bust brush and hold off burrs. No more sweating in bulky, heavyweight chaps in the heat as these are lightweight and breathable. Put them on or take them off with your boots on, as there is a 22 in. side zipper on each leg. Standard chap design with the nylon strap that holds up the chaps and loops through the belt, then snaps. Made in the USA! Available in medium or husky leg width, with inseams of 26 in., 28 in., 30 in., or 32 in., please specify when ordering. Please note: chap inseam needs to be ordered 1-2 in. shorter than your normal pant leg inseam.

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