LCS Tick and Flea Comb

  • LCS Tick and Flea Comb

    This cheap flea comb is the best way to remove ticks that are not imbedded in your dogs skin. If you use a spoton tick killer they often crawl around on top the fur and i'll stop while hunting when the dog checks in and give him a quick tick pick. Sometimes You can get 3 or 4 in one scoop when they are really heavy. Keep one in your vest pocket or on a lanyard. You.'ll use it constantly! Just tap the comb on the tailgate or any hard surface to knock them off or run your thumb down the comb if they are stuck in the teeth of the comb. If they are imbedded a ticked off scoop or tick nipper work best. Good old tweezers work fine too but the nippers also have a magnifier to see if you got the head out. Take your time and pull really slow with increasing pressure to keep from breaking the heads off the ticks. This causes a sore bump on the dog and can cause infection. Carry a small tube of antibiotic ointment and apply to where you removed the tick immediately. We pick ticks after every run in most northeastern states and give them a really thorough going over at days end.

    As for you the hunter the only tick puller to use is our Pro-Tick tool. It is by far the best and slickest tool made. It is precision made with a fine taper in the slot that is very thin metal and has just the right v shape to grab the tick way down past his head, just do it really slow and steady all the while gently pushing down along your skin. Slow and easy and the ticks come out head and all. The is a little magnifying glass included on the key chain to check for the head.

    Why am I writing so much about this, because I got lyme disease 8 years ago when both myself and the doctor didn't get all of the head out from a tick bite. I still have and recommend you carry these essential items if you are in deer tick country. I personally recommend you take some doxycycline prophylactic ally if you are bitten as a precaution. 8 years ago the doctor told me I didn't need it he was wrong and the protocols have changed at most places. Ask your doctor to give you some to have ready on hand for when you get deer tick attached, if he doesn't find a new doctor.

    Thanks and good hunting, Buck