LCS Quail Recall And Holding Pen

  • Our bird pen is 50% higher than other bird pens so the birds can't fly out the funnel. 30x18x10. Our side door gives you a better grab at the birds.

    Best of all, compare our price. The Better LCS Products we manufacture are results of 35 years of training, testing and refinement. Our cages are made with galvanized ''after welding'' wire. More costly but twice as rust resistant. We are the only manufacturer who covers all cage openings with rubber moldings so you won't bleed after extracting a bird. Please take the time to compare and we guarantee you will find every Better LCS product superior to its predecessor.

    Please note - The price shown for the Quail Recall and Holding Pen DOES NOT INCLUDE the oversize freight charge of $10.00.

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