LCS Puppy Check Cord

  • The LCS Puppy Check cord is a scaled-down model of the adult check cord, perfect for those first times in the field. A puppy is never too young to run the field, but you want to maintain control in order to avoid dangerous situations such as roads or steep drop-offs. Great for whistle breaking, simply reel the dog in like a fish when they don’t come when they are called. It also teaches the pup that it has no choice in following commands and that he must give to the rope, not resisting it. Once the pup has been whistle broke and gives to the rope, the LCS Puppy Check Cord is needed in the first quartering drills so that the dog can be given quick corrections if he’s not working the field as desired.

    It has all of the features of the big dog check cords, but without the bulk. Constructed with tightly woven 5/16ths inch blaze orange nylon, so that it has a stiffness that makes it easy to handle and prevents tangling. 20 ft. in length and weighs 4 oz. Even the steel O-Ring and brass swivel snap are scaled down to puppy size. All because it’s never too early to use a check cord!

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