LCS Pigeon Trap

  • Why pay for expensive live birds for training when you can trap feral pigeons instead? The LCS Pigeon Trap can comfortably hold up to 14 pigeons. The two entry doors, one on each end, both use individual pigeon bobs instead of a door flap making less weight for the birds to push meaning more birds in your trap! Constructed with high grade steel wire that’s galvanized after weld so that it is stronger and more rust resistant than standard materials. The bird extraction door on the top of the trap has rubber molding around the edge, so no scratches on your hands and arms when removing birds. Overall dimensions 30 in. long x 15 in. wide x 12 in. high.

    Manufactured in the USA by Lion Country Supply with 35 years of testing and refinement.

    Trapping pigeons is an easy and inexpensive way to increase the number of birds you have to train with. Identify a building that has a feral pigeon population. Get permission from the owner to trap pigeons on his property. Locate a flat spot for the trap near where the pigeons already congregate and set a small bait pile for a week or so, without the trap, just so they get used to being fed there. Next you can either set the trap out and bait it with the door bobs down, or some trappers will wire up the door bobs for the first few days to get the pigeons used to going inside of the trap. Happy trapping!

    Please note - The price shown for the LCS Pigeon Trap DOES NOT include the oversize freight charge of $10.00.

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