LCS Leather Feel 1" Collar with Black Hardware

  • The LCS Leather Feel O-Ring with black hardware 1 inch dog collar is like nothing you can find anywhere else. It combines the suppleness and flexibility of leather with the fade resistance and durability of poly-coated nylon. Your bold colors will stay like new for years to come without cracking or abrasions. Easy to clean with dish soap and water. This collar has a nylon base with a thin layer of polyurethane coating to provide the intense color and leather-feel. It is constructed from heavy duty black hardware and industrial rivets.

    Available in colors: Pink, Black, Yellow and Orange, and sizes 15in, 17in, 19in, and 21 in.Please specify color and size when ordering.

    Blue is only available in 15in collars.

    Make sure to measure your dog's neck to provide a proper fit and add a brass name plate for peace of mind.

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