LCS Hi-Vis Reflective Small Dog Collar Strap

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  • Need color coded collar straps for your Garmin Alpha that fit your smaller dogs? LCS has the answer!

    Our 1" Hi-Vis Reflective Collar Straps easily replace those supplied with your Alpha and provide a much better fit for beagles and other small breeds. Our straps are made with proven DayGlo material and include a ½" wide reflective strip that lights up like neon whenever it enters a beam of light. Most importantly, these collars will fit a dog with a neck size as small as 12 ½" inches when rigged with a Garmin Alpha receiver!

    In addition, you can choose from seven different colors that can be matched to your Alpha handheld dog information screens. Choose from pink, red, blue, orange, black, yellow, or green. One size fits all small dogs - as small as a 12 1/2" neck when the collar is mounted on an Alpha TT10 collar unit.

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