LCS ATV Roading Rig

  • The LCS ATV Roading Rig is required gear to build endurance for horseback field trials in American Field (AF) and American Kennel Club (AKC). Roading from an ATV allows you to control the speed of exercise while observing the dogs closely for enthusiasm, time of resistance to the harness, stress and fatigue. The better condition you dog is in when hitting the field, the lesser chances of injury and greater chances of winning!

    Our roading rig allows you to exercise 1-8 dogs safely on 18 in. welded link drop chains with brass swivels snaps at both ends to prevent tangling. The frame is constructed from rust resistant powder coated steel and consists of two mounting bars and four 3 ft. extension bars. The mounting hardware is rubber coated to prevent scratching the ATV and requires no drilling to mount. The four extension bars are easily removed or retracted.

    Roading harnesses sold separately.
    Choose from either the Nylon Roading Harness
    Or the Deluxe Padded Roading Harness

    Please note - The price shown for the ATV Rig does not include the oversize freight charge of $20.00.

    Due to the size of this item, express shipping will be unavailable. If you do need express shipping, please call 1-800-662-5202 for shipping costs.

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