Deluxe Padded Roading Harness

  • Get the most out of exercising with the Deluxe Padded Roading Harness. Designed to increase your dog’s wind, and stamina and to build muscle for more successful and enjoyable hunting and trialing experience. Roading harnesses are most commonly used with a 4-wheeler but are compatible with a bicycle or a horse. They take the strain off your dog's neck and move the pressure more comfortably around the chest. For dogs that may be prone to rub spots from conventional roading harnesses, this harness offers a nice, soft pad on the chest beam that stops rub spots and makes roading more comfortable for your dog.

    The Padded Roading Harness is made from a soft, pliable polyurethane material that holds up exceptionally well in the elements. The sturdy vinyl-coated webbing keeps its flexibility in cold weather. It features rust-resistant, welded nickel hardware, two adjustment points, a quick-release on the side, and, of course, the padded chest beam.

    This roading harness is built to last and provides maintenance-free durability that is waterproof, resists mildew and bacteria, and cleans in seconds. The harness was designed by Sherry Ebert and used in her great video " Training Setters and Continental Breeds. "

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