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Kennel Cough Vaccine

  • Kennel Cough Vaccine

    VANGUARD B (IN) contains an avirulent live culture of Bordetella bronchiseptica (Bb) for intranasal (IN) vaccination of healthy dogs and puppies at least 3 weeks of age or older as an aid in preventing kennel cough (canine infectious tracheobronchitis) caused by B. bronchiseptica.

    Please Note - Our vaccines are send via UPS on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays only. Vaccines are shipped on ice. All vaccine orders will be upgraded to UPS Second Day Air and a $20.00 shipping charge will be added to the order. 

    Key Benefits:

    • VANGUARD B (IN) is safe for use in puppies as young as 3 weeks of age.
    • Packaged in a low volume 1 mL dose, administer 0.5 mL per nostril.
    • VANGUARD B (IN) is supported by our Companion Animal Immunization Support Guarantee (ISG).
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