Garmin Charging Clip for Receiver Collars

  • Charging Clip for TT10, TT15, and T5 Receivers

    Recharge your compatible, standard dog devices¹ by plugging your included AC adapter, vehicle power cable or USB cable into this port, and then into the respective power source (wall, cigarette lighter receptacle or computer). This design minimizes the chance of debris building up and interfering with the connection, and the collar can easily be cleaned if mud becomes an issue.

    Special Note - This clip is small and compact - and it's easy to forget to remove it from your collar when charging is complete. Remove and store in a secure location in preparation for the next charging sequence!

    Special Note - This charging clip is not compatible with the mini versions.

    Compatible Devices:
    • T5 Dog Device
    • TT10 Dog Device
    • TT15 Dog Device
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