Garmin Alpha Quick Release Lanyard

  • Garmin Quick Release Lanyard

    The Garmin Quick Release Lanyard is a must-have accessory; use it in addition to the holster to keep your high quality handheld secure in the field.  Simply string up the lanyard through your belt loop for extra security, then fasten into the holster.  The lanyard is long enough for you to be able to use the handheld even if it is attached to your belt.  Should you need to detach the handheld from the lanyard, there are two quick-pinch buttons to release the handheld from the string.  When you are ready to place it back on to the lanyard, simply slide and snap the pieces back together like a plastic dog collar snap.  Fully compatible with the Garmin Alpha.  Constructed from braided nylon and high-impact plastic by Garmin. Length: 18 in.

    Don't forget your Garmin Alpha Leather Holster

    Compatible Devices:

    • Garmin Alpha 100
    • Garmin Astro 320
    • Garmin Astro 430
    • Garmin InReach
    • Garmin PRO 550
    • Garmin PRO 70
    • Garmin PRO Trashbreaker
    • Garmin RPO Control 2 Remote Launch System
    • Garmin Delta
    • Garmin Delta Sport
    • Garmin Delta Sport XC
    • Garmin Delta Upland
    • Garmin Delta Upland XC
    • Garmin Delta XC
    • Garmin SportPRO
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