Garmin Alpha 100 Anti-Glare Screen Protectors

  • Garmin Alpha 100 Anti-glare Screen Protectors

    These screen protectors reduce sunlight glare on the Garmin Alpha 100's display, minimize fingerprint smudges and protect against scratches. Includes 3 per package.


    Compatible Devices:

    Garmin Alpha 100 Handheld


    Garmin Part Number: 010-11828-05



    Does this screen protector work with the Garmin Alpha 200i Handheld?

    No, this screen protector will not work on the Alpha 200i handhelds. It is only sized and compatible with the Alpha 100 Handheld.

    Once applied, how hard is it to remove the screen protector?

    The screen protector can be easily removed by prying up on one of the corners with a fingernail and then slowly peeling up the rest of the screen protector.


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