French Snap Beagle Lead

  • The French Snap Beagle Lead is the most economical leather dog leash on the market. Made from full-thickness 3/4 in. wide cowhide harness leather, oiled and waxed for superb strength and workability. The hardware is all stainless steel, including the Herm Springer French Scissor Snap. If you have never tried a French snap lead, this is the perfect introduction. Standard dog snaps freeze up due to ice and debris in the thumb activated bolt, but the French snap never fails. You simply squeeze the snap at its widest point and the clasp jaws open for connecting to or removing from a dog collar ring. This leash also features an O-Ring on the handle, so that you can wear it bandolier-style when it isn't restraining a dog. Its 48 in. length is just perfect for keeping your dog on heel before a field trial, hunt test or hunt.


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