Freeze Dried Pheasant Wings

  • These pheasant wings are the real thing: harvested from farm-raised pheasants in Texas, freeze dried, then sent to you and your pup! Puppies are never too young to play with feathers, and top gun dog breeders have their puppies carrying wings in their mouth at as young as 3 weeks old. At first these wings are used to get the pup accustomed to the feel and smell of feathers in their mouth, then later as practice on retrieving a bird to hand. Put a wing on a fishing rod and play chase to activate prey drive, then see if you can get a sight point out of your newest hunting buddy, just like in Richard Wolter’s book Gun Dog: Gun-Dog-Book

    You can also do early blind retrieves by hiding the wing with some training scent on it: LCS-Training-Scents

    Make sure all puppy training is fun and positive! Freeze dried pheasant wings can be used over and over again by simply drying and re-freezing after each use.

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